When people talk about growing up in Colorado, you will usually hear about the old location of Elitch Gardens, Lakeside Amusement Park, or the current location of Elitch Gardens.

All of those amusement parks hold a special memory in my heart from my childhood, but there is one place that often gets overlooked. That place is Heritage Square in Golden, Colorado.

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Heritage Square opened in 1959 under the name Magic Mountain. Magic Mountain closed in 1960 and reopened over a decade later in 1971 as Heritage Square. Wikipedia's entry for Heritage Square takes you back in time by citing all of the fun rides from days long gone. Some of those rides included Miner Mike Roller Coasters, Python Pit Roller Coaster, Tilt-a-Whirl, and the Ferris Wheel.

Heritage Square's Alpine Coaster

To get to the top of the Alpine Slide, you would hop onto a chair lift that would take you to the top of the mountain. If you think the chair lift ride was fun, you were in for an adrenaline-filled, fun ride as soon as you got on to the actual slide.

Take another trip on the Alpine Slide at Heritage Square by watching this video:

Sadly, the last rides on Heritage Square's Alpine Slide happened in 2015. The Church and Miner's Maze from Heritage Square were relocated, and the amusement park officially closed in 2018.

Drone footage of what ruins remain of Heritage Square was posted to YouTube in 2020.

The above video is quite the transformation compared to this video taken only a decade before.

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