I have an opinion, and it's usually unpopular. I like graffiti -- though, only when I think it's artistic and not offensive, and in an urban setting. It's one thing to see it transform an alley wall or junky dumpster into a canvas, but I'm not really sure how I feel about seeing it while I'm on a hike.

One of Fort Collins' 'hidden gems' is what's been named the '420 Cave.' We can guess why. But, it seems like the attraction of the cave is the graffiti inside of it. I'll admit that we could do without the 'F*** MySpace' and 9/11 conspiracy statements, but the rest of it is kind of, dare I say it, cool? Stoner hieroglyphs, if you will.

Is that all worth defacing the natural beauty of Horsetooth though? Where do you draw the line? (Excuse the pun.) I don't know. That's why I phrased this entire post as a question.

From the Discover Horsethooth blog:

I mean the "F--- MySpace" is a little bit entertaining, but not enough to ruin this cool formation. I mean if you look at this picture you will see that the rocks have previously been painted to cover up old graffiti, it's just ridiculous to see such childish behavior.

According to USA TODAY, in the past there have been cleanup coalitions in an effort to remove the vandalism from the cave at Horsetooth's rotary park... but it keeps reappearing.

So, your thoughts -- trash?

Or treasure?

Vandalism? Or art?

Tell us in the comments!

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