The Denver Nuggets may not be off to the best start in this year's playoffs, but that doesn't stop devoted fans from filling seats to cheer on their team. But how dedicated are Nuggets-lovers to the franchise compared to other fans across the NBA?

When it comes to individuals sticking by their team, new research by has ranked the NBA’s most dedicated fans of the 2021-22 season. Using six different categories of analysis metrics, including game attendance numbers and social media engagement, the organization determined which professional basketball team sports the most diehard fans. Each team’s scores for each factor were combined, to give a total number out of 50, which was then doubled to provide a score out of 100.

Based on the results, Nuggets fans are anything but bandwagoners. Out of the 30 total teams, Denver came in at No. 13 on the list for overall fan support. The data found that on average, about 10,000 people search for Nuggets tickets on Google on a monthly basis. Even when they're on the road, the Nuggets had an average away fan attendance of 90.3%.

The Los Angeles Lakers earned the highest ranking for fan dedication and the New Orleans Pelicans landed last on the list. Read the full rankings on

The Warriors are currently two games ahead of the Nuggets in Round 1 of the playoffs. The teams take the court again at Ball Arena on Thursday, April 21 at 8 p.m. Hopefully being at home will help the Nuggets earn a win.

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