We have no shortage in Colorado of great choices for Mexican food. This particular Colorado Mexican restaurant has people buzzing. Could it be the best around?

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Best Local Traditional Tasting Mexican Restaurant In Colorado

My wife's best friend was in town not too long ago on a quick pop-in from Florida. She had lived in Colorado her entire life until about two years ago when they packed up and headed down to the heat and humidity to change things up. When she came back to Colorado to see us, the only thing she insisted on doing while here was to go to dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Why was that so important? Apparently, it's damn near impossible to find good authentic Mexican food in Florida. Who knew?



Luckily for us, we have no shortage of amazing places to get awesome authentic Mexican food in Colorado. Even simple fast-casual spots like Santiago's, Chubby's, or Tamale Kitchen, we have so many options. One particular traditional Mexican restaurant that I'm starting to hear about is said to be "the best" in Colorado, could this be true?

Ambli Mexico, Mexican Restaurant In Colorado

Locally owned and operated in Aurora, Colorado, Ambli Mexico is quickly building a reputation for offering some of the best Mexican dishes around Colorado. Describing their restaurant as "embodying traditional Mexico City flavors," people are loving their experiences.

From the delicious-looking and tasting tacos above to delicious-looking fresh tequila-based cocktails below...

This video below will give you an inside look at what you can expect while visiting. Warning, you will get extremely hungry and thirsty while watching.

Ambli Mexico is located at 2101 N Ursula St. in Aurora, Colorado. They also have another location in Colorado Springs.

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