In Colorado we love elevation. We've got some of the highest mountains in the lower 48 states, a mile-high city, and we've even got the highest suspension bridge in all of America.

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Colorado's Royal Gorge Bridge sits about 955 feet above the Arkansas River. Can you think of any structure in America that you could place at the bottom of the gorge that would even come close to reaching the top? We tried to find a few...

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America's Tallest Suspension Bridge

From December 1929 up until 2001, Colorado's Royal Gorge Bridge was the highest suspension bridge anyplace on Earth. It remains the highest bridge in America at 955 feet over the Arkansas River below. Visitors see the bridge when they enter Royal Gorge Bridge and Park. It stretches 1,260 feet across to the opposite side of the gorge.

World's Tallest Suspension Bridge

Today, the world's highest suspension bridge is located in China. It's named the Beipanjiang Bridge Duge and crosses almost 2000 feet above China's Beipan River. Would you be able to ride over this bridge without feeling queasy? It's nearly twice as high off the ground as the Royal Gorge Bridge.

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Royal Gorge Makes Giant Structures Look Tiny

It's time to compare some of America's tallest structures with the Royal Gorge Bridge. Is there anything that could sit in the Arkansas River and come close to reaching the height of the bridge crossing the gorge? We found several structures and landmarks, but nothing came close. Check them out for yourself in the gallery below.

10 Iconic Structures Dwarfed By Colorado's Royal Gorge Bridge

Colorado's Royal Gorge Bridge is the tallest suspension bridge in the United States. It sits 955 feet over the Arkansas River and is so tall that all ten iconic structures in the photo gallery below look tiny compared to Colorado's highest bridge.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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Colorado's "Mile-High" city is a great place to check out some of the Centennial State's largest buildings and to admire the architecture. See which buildings in Colorado are the largest in the state in the photo gallery below.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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Colorado's highest 14er mountain is known as Mount Elbert. As part of the Sawatch Range, this mountain is located in Lake County, Colorado. You don't need any special mountaineering or rock climbing skill to climb to the top, you just need around 7 hours to get up and down the mountain.

Gallery Credit: Wes Adams