Scrolling through TikTok not long ago, a video stopped me in my track and I had to watch it. The subject of the short video was food, of course, and it featured one of my weak spots. Croissants.

I have a love for these French pastries that has lasted years. The love gets even bigger when you fill a croissant with something sweet. When I saw a giant round croissant packed with decadent pistachio cream, I knew that I had to have one.

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To get this one-of-a-kind in Colorado croissant, you will have to head down to the RINO district in Denver at the Denver Central Market.


If you have never been to this area of Denver before, you should totally make a trip down there. If not for the croissants, at least for the vibrant artwork that can be found all over the area. But, I digress, back to the croissants. These fun, large, and sweet croissants can be found at Izzio's Artisan Bakery and once you try one, you will be in love.

Check Out These Croissants from Izzio's Bakery in Denver

As soon as we saw these croissants in a TikTok video, we knew we had to have one.


They look pretty tasty, right? We would love to know if you would eat one of these fancy croissants. Share your thoughts with us on our app - just use the "Message" feature

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