If you feel like roundabouts in Northern Colorado can be a hassle to get through sometimes, wait until the double-diamond interchanges start to become normal.

According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, Johnstown will be getting one soon enough to combat the upcoming influx of traffic to the area. This double-diamond interchange is also known as a diverging diamond interchange. Traffic on the right-hand side of the road will be diverted to the left-hand side through the intersection before being diverted back to the right after the intersection.

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Colorado Department of Transportation
Colorado Department of Transportation

The double diamond interchange will be constructed at Highway 60 over Interstate 25. With the construction of Buc-ee's and the new Ledgerock development coming in, traffic at this particular interchange is sure to increase substantially.

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The Colorado Department of Transportation states that the double diamond interchange is an innovative interchange design that will help improve safety, easier turns left, and assist in allowing more traffic to move through to the interstate on ramps.

How are Diverging Diamond Interchanges Safer?

Since traffic is diverted to the left side of the road, this eliminates turning in front of oncoming traffic. Overall, these particular interchanges reduce the risk of accidents and the severity of accidents if and when they occur.  See the Colorado Department of Transportation's video explanation below:

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To achieve Johnstown diverging diamond interchange, closures of Highway 60 at Interstate 25 will be needed. In a public meeting, information was revealed regarding the closure of Highway 60. The closure is set to take place starting September 12 for no longer than 21 days. Highway 60 in Johnstown at this location is expected to reopen no later than October 2.

For more information on the double diamond interchange and the 21-day closure of Highway 60 in Johnstown, you can visit the Colorado Department of Transportation.

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