My Mom always told me to drink water...she said to take 7 gulps of water to make your hiccups go away. I was also told that you could get rid of hiccups if someone scared me or if I held my breath for ten seconds.

Well now, a doctor in Texas (not my Mom) has contacted a company here in Longmont to manufacture and market this device that will supposedly rid you of hiccups.

The device is called HiccAway and it's simply a straw...a special straw that stops uncontrolled hiccups. It was designed by Dr.Ali Seifi , who is the director of the neurosurgical intensive care unit at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center in San Antonio.

Without getting too in depth with the scientific stuff, the HiccAway is a plastic straw-like device that changes the pressure in your chest as fluid passed through. All I know is there are times when I have hiccups for HOURS...and it's the worst. If this thing truly works, it could be on of the top 10 inventions of our time. (in my humble opinion) It looks pretty solid so far, after some initial testing on a sample of patients and getting favorable reports, Dr. Seifi decided to arrange for manufacturing and selling the device.

Dr. Seifi has brought this to Longmont — to Altratek Plastics Inc. to produce the straw and to Aim Dynamics to market and distribute the device.

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