Ok, this place is REALLY cool. It's currently run as a Bed and Breakfast, and man, would this be an ideal place to kick back for a week? I can just imagine the fresh air and the relaxation just seeping through. I found this ranch on Zillow it is located around Fort Laramie.

The listing says this place is just under 300 acres, but it has several places to choose from as your homestead, or you could be like the current owners and make one of the cabins a Bed and Breakfast. It's also running for $1.1 million dollars, which, honestly, isn't too bad for a ranch, in the grander scheme of things.

My favorite part of this Wyoming ranch is the bar that they have. They decorate it perfectly to kind of look like an old-time saloon. I really like it, they also have a cool breakfast nook in the same area and it leads off to a bedroom, so that's pretty convenient.

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The ranch is called the Star Burst Ranch, which is really cool. As a kid growing up in the 90s, Starburst commercials were pretty big time during kid's shows. So, not only is this ranch gorgeous, it's giving some nostalgic feels.

So, let's dust off our shoes, put on those weird bags on your feet so you don't track anything inside their properties, and let's take a tour of this awesome Wyoming ranch. I don't know where I'll find over $1 million, but I think it's worth it. Let's go.

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