A man headed out from DIA in Colorado for a relaxing vacation, only to be notified that while mid-flight, his truck had been stolen.

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Truck Stolen From DIA While Owner Was Flying

Imagine all the stress of getting ready for vacation, which sounds weird, but it's real. You get to the airport, park your vehicle, get checked in, head through those crazy security lines, grab a drink, and you're finally ready to de-stress. It's boarding time, you're on the plane, headed for a paradise vacation in Hawaii. What could possibly ruin that feeling? How about finding out your truck had been stolen and somebody was recklessly joyriding around in it while you were mid-flight. This happened to a Colorado man just this week.

Scott Friedman landed in Hawaii when he was notified that his vehicle had been reported driving recklessly by a Westminster Police officer.  A friend of Scott Friedman told Denver 7:

"I thought he was kidding. He said, 'No, I'm on the line with, you know, somebody who is telling me that my car is being driven recklessly through Westminster'"

While Friedman was on the eight-hour flight to Hawaii, his truck had been stolen, pulled over, and captured all before he landed. Apparently, auto theft is no stranger to the DIA Parking Garages as Denver 7 also reports that 57 auto thefts have been reported this year alone. The three-year average from 2019, 2020, and 2021 was "only" 20. We just told you about the car dealership in Denver that had nine vehicles stolen from their lot in one night, so car theft seems to be really raging through the Mile High City and its surrounding areas this year.

While DIA continues to say they have cameras and patrolling Denver Police and other security members, they advise you to make sure your doors are locked and that you remove any valuables from your vehicle when parking there. Is your car on the most popular stolen list from Colorado, below?

The 11 Most Stolen Vehicles In Colorado

Lock it up, here's a list of the most stolen vehicles in Colorado over the past year.

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