Yes, you read that right! In a bizarre urban legend that actually happened, real-life fairies broke into the Lyric Cinema to paint a yellow brick road inside from the ticket sales entrance to the bar.

Photo Taken by Asher Korn

According to Maxwell Tretter, Marketing Director for the Lyric, the crime happened in late August between 3 a.m. and 10 a.m. after all employees went home. The culprit(s) left no trace, except for a note which contained a sentiment of "Dear Children of the Lyric, the Secret Fairies have created a Magical Road to a Magical Place." The note itself was vaporized after it's initial reading, but Tretter, in detective mode, has been determined to find the truth.

While the Lyric is known to be home to an assortment of magical creatures, such as the troll that lives in the school bus who communicates through flickering lights and the sprites that mess with the projector if they dislike what's playing, there has always been a way to definitively prove the being behind each supernatural occurrence. Only staff members have after-hours access to the building, yet all staff had gone home for the night at the time the yellow brick road was painted. In fact, staff was extremely worried that the painting would smear, but surprisingly it has held up very well, especially after being walked on for over a month. Security footage didn't pick up anything, although Tretter theorizes that the fairies may have hidden their aura from the cameras since they are very clever. Additionally, handwriting samples were taken from all suspects to try to connect back to the note, but there were no matches and nothing to connect the evidence to a culprit.

Photo Taken by Asher Korn

While no one person was linked with the crime, the security system has been re-evaluated and upgraded, so surveillance covers every nook, cranny, and hiding hole. Additionally, Tretter notes that the sentinel that sleeps in the ceiling is prepared to spring into action in case anything should happen in the future.

While the yellow brick road has been adopted and loved by the Lyric Theater, future instances of vandalism in the space are not welcome and can/will face lawful repercussions. If you have any information regarding this case, please reach out to