Ever wanted to go for a hike, but been afraid you'll get lost? Or maybe you have gone on a hike and gotten lost.... Which would be my WORST nightmare.

Thankfully, now there's an app to prevent all of this, and its definitely a game changer.

The Colorado Trail Explorer (COTREX) is the newest way to NOT get lost when you go exploring. COTREX is a totally free website and app that has 39,000 miles of trails.

Now, my next question would be... "What about when I have no service? The app sounds great, but if I can't get the trail information because I have no cell service then it doesn't really help."

GUESS AGAIN. This app also has offline maps for those places on the trails with no cell coverage.

You can also record your trips. It allows you to take notes about trail conditions, animals you see, your favorite spots, and a lot more.

You can also complete challenges and earn badges.

The creation of the app began in 2016 as part of Colorado the Beautiful initiative.


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