It's a new look and added endeavor to the Windsor brewer. Mash Lab Brewing, formerly inside of Pinkee's Rod Shop, is now Mash Lab Brewing + Kitchen.

I remember hearing about Mash Lab expanding to add a kitchen, but apparently, I have not been by lately to see that their expansion was actually a whole new building - next door.

I have been a big fan of Mash Lab, but have said that they 'need more seating.' Well, there's plenty of that now at the new space at 4487 Highland Meadows Parkway, along with a kitchen.

The official opening date of Mash Lab Brewing + Kitchen is March 15, 2021.

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Leading the new endeavors are three people: Their continued Head Brewer Ryan Joy, and two new staff members.

The first new staffer is Jake Maddux, the Head Chef. He comes from Austin, where he established his own concept of 'beer & food.'  The second newcomer, General Manager Vinessa Gingrass, worked for Nick's Italian in Fort Collins for 15 years.

One great thing about the 'new' Mash Lab is that if you missed the 'old' Mash Lab, where you could watch hot rods being worked on inside Pinkee's garage, that area will be available to rent out for parties and such.

Cheers, Mash Lab!

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