Paul McCartney surprised Howard Stern with a phone call over the holiday break which inspired Stern to go on a drunken dialing spree on New Year’s Eve. The Beatle and his newlywed Nancy Shevell called to wish Stern and his wife Beth, a Merry Christmas.

Stern was so flabbergasted to hear McCartney on the other end of the line that he thought it would be a nice gesture to share the magic of messaging with his fans. Examiner reports that Stern told his radio show listeners (Jan. 3) Tuesday morning “After I hung up, I was really on a high. I said to my wife: ‘That was really amazing, who would ever think that Paul McCartney would call me.’”

Later, come New Year’s Eve, Stern and his wife decided not to go out and once again, they started talking about McCartney’s surprise call. This conversation led to Stern asking the question “Who could I do that for that I know that would make somebody’s day?” and shortly thereafter he tweeted a dream come true for many fans.

The King Of All Media announced on Twitter that he was “drunk dialing” and proceeded to call approximately 60 fans who posted their phone numbers online. “We have the loveliest fans, we truly do. We just sat on the couch. The cats were in our lap, and we were just dialing people and saying hello. It felt good, actually and our fans were great.”

This pint-sized act of kindness from McCartney to Stern resulted in 60 “King of all Media” fans getting the surprise call of their lives on the very last day of 2011. Yet maybe, that’s just the magic of Christmas, served up McCartney (and baba-booey) style.

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