Tommy Chong has built an entire comedy career out of pot, and Paul McCartney is one of classic rock's most noted connoisseurs of the stuff -- so how is it that the two of them have never indulged together?

We're not sure, but we do know that TMZ recently caught up with Chong and -- because there really aren't too many topics the paparazzi are going to query Chong about -- asked him if there was anyone he'd always wanted to smoke with, but had never gotten the chance.

"I have never smoked with Paul McCartney," mused Chong. "I smoked with every Beatle except Paul, and he's the only big pothead! When I was with John, he never really smoked, because he was worried about his immigration. Then I was with Ringo and he was on rehab, gettin' off his booze."

Chong continued to list the stops on his personal magical mystery tour, adding, "The only guy I literally handed the joint to was George. And the only Beatle I haven't smoked with is Paul, so Paul -- one day, you and I are going to burn one."

You supply the drugs, Tommy, and Paul will bring the vegan burritos. Everyone will have a real nice time.

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