I seem to be annoying coworkers this morning.

What a bunch of whiners!

At 5:02am I received an email from Todd Harding of K99, telling me to turn the music down.

Turn down? For what?

The track in question is Michael Jackson's Beat It, and while I think that anyone who tells you to turn that song down should immediately be arrested and tortured until they apologize, that law has yet to be passed.

Did I turn it down?

Yes, when it was over.

Then, I cracked into my eucalyptus essential oil (pictured above) to give my nostrils a little nourishment.

Another email.

This one from the same grumpy K99 studio, but this time from Brian Gary. He wanted to know if I had cracked into my Tiger Balm (also pictured above). No, but now that you mention it, maybe I could use a little camphor and menthol on my knees before I leave for Steamboat.

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