You could ask 10 different people and I bet you’d get split feelings about Daylight Savings Time. Regardless of how we feel, unless you live in Arizona, on Hawaii you get to deal with this mess twice a year!

Two times every year, you see people having fits about having to either “Spring forward” or “Fall back” like we’re doing this weekend. “Why don’t they just pick a time and leave it?” That’s a pretty common question when it comes to Daylight Savings Time. When you break it down though, it kind of makes sense. Here’s a couple of my biggest pros and cons to the dreaded, or maybe beloved, Daylight Daylight Savings time!

Biggest pro number one: For Fall DST, It’s not dark at 630am! I have to wake up early every morning to play taxi for the kids, and It’s been hard for the little guy and me to get up lately because it’s still basically dark at 7 am! It’s much easier to wake up when you can see the sun up and hear the birds chirping. Feels way more natural. I don’t know how our Morning Shows do it!

Biggest pro number two: For Spring DST, it’s light until almost 9 pm! Who doesn’t love that extra sunlight? Unless you’re running the Holiday Twin Drive-In, and you can’t start your movie before 9. Or maybe you have a job that makes you go to sleep earlier, we all love that extra sunlight! More time to play my son would say.

Biggest con number one: It feels like it’s midnight at 5 pm! “What time is it?! Is it midnight already?!” I can’t be the only one who feels like the day drags along when the sun goes down before I even get home. It’s just brutal!

Biggest con number two: if you’re a parent or even a pet parent, these kids don’t understand or adapt too easily to the whole time change thing! If you’re kid or pet-less, “Fall Back” means more sleep, right? If you have a young kid or a pet, they’re used to getting up at say 7 am, that’s now 6 am for a few weeks and that’s a huge bummer for all of us!

Yes, there are many more pros and cons out there but regardless of those, we do have to ask. If Arizona and Hawaii can do away with it, why can’t we all? Can we meet in the middle and Fall Back for thirty minutes and just stay there? What’s your feeling about DST? Shoot me an email or slide into my DM’s!

My pal AJ did an open letter to Daylight Savings Time this week, HERE!

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