During this pandemic, most of us have been home more. Well, that also means that our little ones were home with us more too especially if they were remote learning. For some people that haven't returned to in-person work/school that is still the situation.

This means that with being home more with children came an increase of accidental poisonings from toxic household cleaning products and disinfectants.

I interviewed Cass Herring, Technical Advisor, with Safe Kids Worldwide. "Our focus is on providing education to prevent childhood injuries. We want to help parents learn those great tips to reduce injuries," said Herring

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Here are 3 simple steps for parents to keep their kids safe around household products and disinfectants.

1. Store products up and away out of your kids' reach and sight level.

2. Keep cleaning products/disinfectants in their original containers and read labels.

3. Have the poison control center phone number posted visibly or saved in your phone. That number is 1-800-222-1222

Learn more about Safe Kids Worldwide by listening to the full "Tuned In To NoCo" interview with Cass Herring below.

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