Even the team at Animal Planet's 'Finding Bigfoot' are divided on whether this footage shot in Colorado is or isn't some of the earliest footage of a 'Bigfoot.'

Oh, that rascally Bigfoot. Or, those rascally Bigfoot. Bigfoots? Bigfeet? Not Bigfeet.

This video, shot on 8mm film like the Zapruder film, is, according to the Animal Planet show 'Finding Bigfoot,' some of the earliest, if not the first, footage of the creature.

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John F. Kennedy was President in 1962. 'Lawrence of Arabia' was the biggest movie of the year and The Beverly Hillbillies was the top TV show.

But in that same fateful year, a man out hiking with a Boy Scout troop in Colorado filmed what could possibly be Bigfoot. The key word there is 'possibly.'

What will it take for this mystery to be solved? A sit-down conversation with one? I would say that at the least, we need a clear photo with a person next to the Bigfoot.

I wonder how they identify? He/She? They?

We recently published a story on how there have been nine logged 'Bigfoot' sightings in Colorado dating back to 1971. 1971 isn't that far off from 1962. Could the 1962 one be the same Bigfoot from 1971?

This mystery has been around for so long that it's hard to imagine a generation NOT wondering whether or not Bigfoot exists.

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