Okay, this was real close to becoming a tragedy but thankfully it was not and provides us with a good opportunity at a lesson here.

Recently, a Colorado trooper pulled over a vehicle on I-25 near Colorado Springs, and not more than five seconds after the trooper left the driver's side window to walk back to his car, this happened. Crazy!

According to Colorado State Patrol, Master Trooper Travis Hood stopped a Kia for speeding on I-25 when a minivan smashed into the car just seconds after Trooper Hood walked back to his squad car.

As you could see, if that crash happened a few seconds earlier, we would probably be talking about a much more tragic outcome.

The driver of the Kia had “moderate” injuries. The driver of the minivan was from Avondale and had minor injuries. There were two passengers in the minivan who had “moderate” injuries. The driver of the minivan was cited for careless driving causing injury.

This is also a great time for a reminder to pay attention when you are behind the wheel, especially when you see flashing lights.

The Colorado "Move Over" Law is in effect for a reason: to keep officers and others safe when cars are pulled over.

The law states that any and all drivers approaching a stationary emergency, tow, or maintenance vehicle that has their lights flashing/illuminated must move over at least one lane away, or if unable to safely move over, reduce their speed by at least 20 MPH under the speed limit.

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