A principal in Australia spent public funds to build a cage used as place for an autistic student to calm down, according to a report from the country's Education and Training Directorate. The principal is banned from working in Australia's education system again.

The report, released Tuesday, details the steps that led to the construction of a 26 square foot blue cage that stood in a Canberra school for 2 weeks.

The cage was discovered at the school in March and was found to be used as a "quiet place" for a 10-year-old autistic student to calm down. The principal feared the child could pose a threat to other students or staff.

According to the report, the child was placed in the cage a total of one time.

Without consulting with behavioral counselors in the district, the principal hired an outside contractor and spent over $3,600 of public funds on the project.

The cage was discovered March 26 and removed the next day.

The district will create a new Director for Families and Students to evaluate how staff are meeting students' needs.

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