Snakes are somehow slithering their way into toilets in Australia, the same time news broke of the discovery of a new, highly venomous species that sits and waits before attacking its prey.

Australian snake catcher Elliot Budd, 26, pulled 2 snakes out of toilets last week and posted several images of the snakes coiled inside the bowl on Facebook.

The first was a 10-foot-long python in a basement toilet - the second was an 8-foot-long carpet python, which was a little trickier to fish out.

"He decided to be difficult and went down the toilet through the u-bend," says Budd. "We couldn't unbolt the toilet so I just had to hold onto him for a while until he relaxed and came out on his own accord."

The snakes were released to a "suitable habitat" outdoors, according to Budd, who says they likely entered the bathroom through an open door.

In the same week, another snake catcher removed 8-foot-long snake from a toilet (also in Australia).

As if snakes popping up in toilets isn't disturbing enough, a Natural History Museum scientist says he discovered a new species of highly venomous snake in the Kimberley area in Australia. The camouflaged snake sits and waits before attacking its prey - usually frogs, lizards, or small mammals.

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