A 30-foot dive. Splash. ‘Yeah! That was so cool! Now let’s scram!’ At least they’ll have a story to tell, well into their adulthood.

It’s been going on for over five years. Teens go into their local Bass Pro Shops location and jump into the aquarium. What are you going to do- kids will be kids. The Bass Pro Shops outside of Commerce City in Northfield Stapleton is the latest ‘wet clean up’ victim.

On Saturday (April 29, 2017), while a friend filmed him for YouTube, a young joker took a classic Casa Bonita-like dive into the aquarium off of a cliff 30 feet up. Splash! ‘Yeah!’ ‘Ow. I hit my head.. dang!’ ‘Nice job, dude! Now, let’s go get some sopapillas!’

I enjoy how Bass Pro Shops’ statement about the incident states that the kid ‘attempted to enter the aquarium..’ Sir, the kid splashed into, and hit his head inside the aquarium. What part of that says that he did not enter the aquarium?

What are you going to do- honchos will be honchos.

The kid is apparently OK. The fish inside the aquarium are also doing fine.  We wait on pins and needles to see the produced video. I wonder if kids have been doing this at Scheel's locations?

What prank do you remember pulling off as a kid?

[SOURCE: CBS Denver]

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