Earlier this week, we learned that the seemingly-chill Tammy was actually crazy the whole time.

Now, we have an official confirmation that Tammy is insane. Let's get started (I know I'm like two days late but I don't have cable I'm sorry).

One on One - Hannah Ann

Hannah Ann and Peter gallivant around Chile. Peter won't stop speaking Spanish...probably ABC trying to get diversity points to atone for not picking Mike as The Bachelor.

They also smash sour cream/mayonnaise/mustard? all over their faces and proceed to make out and I have never wanted to die more in my entire life than in that moment.

Hannah Ann then tells Peter she's never been in love before, and he freaks out. After an FBI-level interrogation, Peter finally makes her cry and he sees this as a sign that she cares about him.

She gets the rose.

Group Date

Peter forces everyone to act in a telenovela, and every girl uses her character as a metaphor for her current situation with Peter.

MyKenna whines and Tammy is terrifying. No surprises here.

Cocktail Party

Victoria P. goes to get assurance from Peter about their relationship. In return, he tells her that he can't see himself marrying her and straight up sends her home.

He tries to give here the breakup cliches ("You're gonna find someone so great for you"), and she is not having it. She barely gives him a hug goodbye. You go, Victoria P.

Peter and Madison are having a gross moment when he hears MyKenna and Tammy screaming inside.

Tammy, of course, decided to tell MyKenna how much she doesn't like her for literally no reason. Why can you just focus on your own relationship, Tammy?

MyKenna goes straight to Peter to tell him that Tammy is the worst, and he seems to believe MyKenna on this one, thank goodness.

Madison gets the rose because she is the only normal person left on this show.

One on One - Victoria F. 

Victoria F. gets her second one on one in about two weeks, and this is BOGUS. Give Natasha a date, Peter!!

But anyway, they ride horses in Chile and it's really boring.

We get to the dinner, and Peter basically tells Victoria that he really loves her body personality. Victoria freaks out because she's not sure if she can marry Peter, and then she runs off crying, just like she did on their last date.

After lots of persuading, Victoria finally says that she kind of sort of likes him. He takes this as a proclamation of love and gives her the rose.

Two on One - Mykenna and Tammy

Peter gets MyKenna and Tammy together on a two on one to figure out the drama. Even though it's not really a two on one, because they don't actually go on a date.

Before Peter arrives, MyKenna gets on her soapbox against Tammy, who sits there in stone-cold psychotic silence.

Peter goes to talk to Tammy, who starts trashing MyKenna. When Peter asks why she doesn't like MyKenna, Tammy says that it's just her "intuition." Girl, what?!

MyKenna pretty much just cries to Peter, but he sees some sense through her tears and sends Tammy home. GOODBYE, TAMMY!

Rose Ceremony

Peter sends MyKenna home and I. Am. Outraged. I didn't even like her, but if he knew he was going to send her home, why did he lead her on for hours? Why didn't he just send her home during the two on one? This is an injustice.

Sydney goes home too. You will not be missed, Sydney.

Courtesy of The Bachelor Facebook page
Courtesy of The Bachelor Facebook page

Quotes of the Night

  • "I'm going to rip your throat out.
  • "At the end of the day, I'm gonna say incest is the best on this one."
  • "I'm gonna stab anybody who's in the way."
  • "Can I sit on you? Physical touch is my love language."
  • "I was just so happy for him because he loves meat so much."

Next week, they're heading to Peru, which means there's going to be a lot more footage of Peter trying to speak Spanish.

We're gonna need lots of wine, people.

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