You can safely file this one under the category of "first world problems," but remember back during the height of COVID when Costco did away with the food court for a minute? It's as if life stopped for many people - and I'm not just talking about lockdowns, restaurant closures, etc. I'm talking about the group of people who took to the internet to proclaim, "How DARE you take away my time to enjoy a $1.50 Costco hot dog??"

Sure, a handful of Costco food court items were still available on a take out basis, but options were limited, as were the toppings and condiments.

Well, good news. The hot dog eventually made its way back. And so did the food court. But not quite all of the condiments made it all the way back.

And people were not pleased with one missing topping, in particular.

That's right. The chopped onions to put on your hot dog have been missing since the early COVID days. But if you're a fan of those little tear jerkers on top of your dog, I've got some good news for you. They're coming back!

Spreading like wildfire across Twitter is a picture of the famous $1.50 hot dog loaded with onions much to the delight of people who have shared it, it also says the projected start date for their return is "P10 - W1," whatever that means! After a little research, the best I can ascertain is that represents some kind of corporate lingo which - if you believe the internet - seems to mean May 8th.

Costco themselves confirmed in a May 1st statement they're coming back, therefore we are officially 'go' for the ever so popular topping at the food court again! So avoid onions between now and re-launch so you can properly binge a dog or two - with all the toppings you please - on your next Costco run for sweet savings on items in bulk.

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