I just want this guy's energy...and he's 30 years older than me! Tom Szwedko is retired but actually started this crazy streak 42 years ago when he was living in Pennsylvania.

Get this, Tom will have skied at least one day a month for 506 consecutive months at the end of December, and he has no plans to stop anytime soon. Math is hard for me, so that's why I had my calculator do the math for me. 506 months = 42 years!

Tom started his epic skiing run in October 1979 in Virginia and hasn't slowed down since.

Szwedko moved to Colorado in 1980 during the same winter in which he started his skiing streak. The move helped him be able to ski in the summer by trekking up mountains to find at least a bit of snow because the mountains in Colorado basically make the mountains in Virginia look like baby hills.

Tom is also a veteran of the United States Air Force (thanks for your service Tom) and grew to love the outdoors from his time serving while living in Italy and getting out in the Alps and exploring there.

Tom is tough in many different ways but one of, if not the most impressive part of his streak, is the fact that's he managed to continue it after being diagnosed with prostate cancer and going through chemo and radiation treatments.

Mr. Szwedko turns 75 later in March and has no plans of stopping his streak anytime soon.

We love ya Tom and think you're incredibly awesome...keep doing your thing!

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