The Hesting Family treated the recent blizzard like the beach. Watch this Colorado family relax and swim in the snow while sipping a drink.

The recent blizzard in Colorado had Coloradans finding creative ways to have fun in the snow, from snowboarding in the street to big igloos, sculptures, and more. This Colorado family made the most of the blizzard by treating the blizzard just like a beach.

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Nelly Hesting dared her husband and kids to go out and run around in the snow which they did, then took her dare to a whole other level. They decided to treat the recent blizzard like a beach by relaxing and swimming in the snow.

Nelly's husband, Michah, and her 17-year-old son, Ashton, went out in the freezing cold in their bathing suits and did exactly what you do at the beach, in the snow.

They pretended the tree in their front yard was a palm tree and swam and relaxed in the snow, all while sipping a drink. (Which is blue Gatorade in a margarita glass, because it looks like a fruity drink you'd enjoy on the beach.)

Ashton's hair is blowing in the wind while his sister, Reese, plays some relaxing music in the background. You can watch the funny video of this Colorado family treating the recent blizzard like the beach below. It just goes to show that Coloradans really know how to make the most of the snow.

Watch the Hesting family have fun together and treat the blizzard like a beach by swimming in the snow below.

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