What do you do when all traffic is shut down in Wyoming by a record snow storm? If you're this guy, you have a friend pull you around downtown Cheyenne on a snowboard.

WXChasing was covering the blizzard last weekend when they shared one of the more Wyoming moments during the event. Leave it to our people to rise to the occasion and not just survive the snow storm, but thrive in it.

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Watch this guy pull off his best Marty McFly by getting pulled behind what I believe is a snowmobile. It's truly special.

One of my favorite comments among the many came from Mike Neelin. He said "Why no Fleetwood Mac? Lol". Another observant spectator mentioned "Must not have any potholes in the city!" I guess that's kudos to the Cheyenne Street Department for a job well done. Either that or the potholes on this street were buried under the snow.

Well done radical Wyoming dude. You made the best of a record blizzard situation because that's one of the things we do here.

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