It’s been open since 1966. Loveland’s The Black Steer. Famous for their great steaks, and for putting Chex on their salad. But do you know what you get when you order ‘The Black Steer?’ You might be surprised.

I had lunch at The Black Steer in downtown Loveland recently. It is a Loveland classic on Lincoln just north of 5th. You can dine in the main dining area, or you can kick back in the Rear of The Steer. I like to stop in every now and then to get that ‘Good Ol’ Loveland’ feeling.

Sure, The Black Steer's logo represents them being a steakhouse. That's easy. But did you know, though, what you get when you say ‘Give me The Black Steer’?

It's gotta be a great big steak, right? Nope.

'The Black Steer' is a burger. A BIG burger. A double burger. Two half-pound patties. A full pound of beef in between buns.  I didn’t order it, so I don’t have a picture of it. I’m going to have to work my way up to a 16oz hamburger! Maybe YOU have game for it.

Also- they do have a Black Steer salad. But, who eats salad? Come on.

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