I remember the book 'The Giving Tree' by Shel Silverstein growing up, which conveyed the message of selflessness and generosity. Now, the FoCo Cafe in Old Town Fort Collins has its own Giving Tree, of a similar moral. 

When the FoCo Cafe opened its doors to the Northern Colorado community in late 2014, the eatery offered a pay-what-you-can menu, so that anyone and everyone could enjoy a nice meal. It is now home to a newly-planted 'Giving Tree' at 225 Maple Street.

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I've had the opportunity to speak with cafe owner Kathleen Baumgarnder on more than one occasion, and she's always expressed that the FoCo Cafe is a place for anyone, and everyone; exactly the reason why Friendly Critters Farm and the Mighty Notch Farm brought the Giving Tree to them, inspired by Iran's 'Wall of Kindness.' to the cafe.

The Cafe brings the community together in what feels like ‘neutral ground’ where there are no labels, there are no distinctions between age, race, socioeconomic status, or any other ‘label’ you might think of...That is why it felt like the perfect place to plant The Tree! (source:fococafe.org)

The Giving Tree is stocked with items like toiletries and hygiene products, clothing, journals and pens, and individually-wrapped snacks, for anyone who may need them. The Tree has proven resourceful so far, and you can be a part of keeping the tree alive by sponsoring a branch, and restocking the items. Contact the Giving Tree at focogivingtree@gmail.com.