Before the pandemic, I used Uber all the time.

I liked to spend my weekends enjoying the Rec Room the unique local bars of Fort Collins, and it was nice to always have a safe ride home.

As bars and restaurants begin to reopen, I'm sure we'll all be using Uber again soon.

But our rides will look very different.

The company recently rolled out its new rules and regulations for what it's calling the "second first trip."

Starting on Monday (May 18), all Uber drivers must wear a face covering, and send a selfie of themselves in a mask to the company, and the customer, in order to prove it.

Riders must also wear a face covering, sit in the back seat, and open the vehicle's windows to ensure proper ventilation.

UberX rides will now be limited to no more than three people.

If the driver or the rider shows up without a mask, either party is now allowed to cancel the ride without facing a financial penalty.

Drivers who repeatedly refuse to wear a mask will no longer be able to drive for the company.

However, this should not happen, as Uber officials stated that the company has distributed over 23 million masks to its employees.

The company will reevaluate these new rules at the end of June. But in the meantime, make sure to have your mask on hand if you're planning to use Uber.

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