Whether you're marveling at the animals or enjoying the spectacular light displays, it's always fun to spend a day at the Denver Zoo.

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As enjoyable as visiting the Zoo is, it's even more fun when your day at the Zoo is free — thankfully, that can happen in 2022.

The Denver Zoo will have a total of seven Free Days next year: January 7, January 22, February 6, April 10, October 8, November 1, and November 13. To keep the Free Days from getting too crowded, the Zoo will give away the coveted tickets via an online lottery system.

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"Providing access to everyone in the community, especially underserved groups that may not have the chance to experience nature and wildlife, is one of our top priorities and critical to our mission," said Bert Vescolani, Denver Zoo President and CEO, in a statement published by 9News. "We encourage everyone to take advantage of the opportunity to visit the Zoo on our Free Days to get inspired by our 3,000 wild animals."

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Registration for the first Free Day is open from now until Thursday (Dec. 30). The rest of the Free Day lotteries will take place as follows:

  • Saturday, January 22
    • January 10 - January 14
  • Sunday, February 6
    • January 25 - January 29
  • Sunday, April 10
    • March 29 - April 2
  • Saturday, October 8
    • September 26 - September 30
  • Tuesday, November 1
    • October 20 - October 24
  • Sunday, November 13
    • November 1 - November 5

Potential visitors can attempt to win five Free Day tickets during each lottery period. You can register online here.

Animals of the Denver Zoo

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