As crews continue to battle the Cameron Peak Fire west of Fort Collins, it's now become one of the worst fires in Colorado history.

On Tuesday, September 29, surpassed 125,000 acres, and over 30 residences destroyed. You can help evacuees here

Hayman Wildfire in Colorado
Hayman Fire, Tom Cooper/Getty Images

These are the worst fires in Colorado history, as of 2020.

5) Spring Creek Fire - 108,045

The human-caused fire burned in Southern Colorado, and destroyed 140 homes in 2018.

4) West Fork Fire - 109,632 acres

The 2013 fire was a complex of three fires started by lighting, near Wolf Creek Pass.

Matt Schilz/TSM
Matt Schilz/TSM

3) Cameron Peak Fire - 125,006 acres (and growing)

The fire began on August 13, 2020, and as of September 29, has surpassed 25,000 acres. The fire has affected air quality in the Fort Collins area, and has displaced residents around the Poudre Canyon and in the Red Feather Lakes area. So far, 91 structures have been lost, 37 residential and one a historic property. The cause is under investigation.

Hayman Fire Continues To Burn
Andrea Booher/ FEMA News/Getty Images

2) Hayman Fire - 138,114 acres
The 2002 fire was caused by a former U.S. Forest Service employee, who was burning letters from her ex-husband. There was a severe drought in Colorado that summer, and she burned the letters during a fire ban. Until 2020, it was the largest wildfire in Colorado history, destroying over 130 homes and burning over 138,000 acres.

Several Wildfires Burn Across Colorado
Alex Edelman/Getty Images

1) Pine Gulch Fire - 139,007 acres

In July of 2020, lightning sparked the fire near Grand Junction. The Pine Gulch Fire reportedly burned one primary residence and four other structures, such as sheds. As of September 15, the fire was completely contained, but is now Colorado's largest wildfire.

How The 2020 Cameron Peak Fire Has Grown


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