Since 1976, Colorado has executed just one man — murderer and rapist Gary Lee Davis, in 1997, according to Denver Post.

Last year a bill was introduced to repeal the death penalty and it swiftly moved to the Senate. The bill was expected to pass until Assistant Majority Leader Rhonda Fields, who is firmly opposed to repealing the death penalty, complained on the matter.

Fields who's son and his fiancée (both 22) were witnesses to a 2004 shooting at Lowry Park stated that she was "deeply offended by the bill". The engaged couple were set to testify on the shooting but their murder was then organized by the Lowry Park shooter, who is now on Colorado's death row.

Several Democrats who opposed the death penalty felt uncomfortable supporting the repeal after hearing from Fields.

The Democratic Senator who pulled the bill told Denver Post "I was in the bathroom crying and (Fields) came and she gave me a hug, and I told her, ‘You know I’m going to bring this bill back next year.'”

The Senator has said she is determined to take steps that ensure this year's process is respectful of Fields, stating, “I will be forthright and direct every step of the way. That’s my commitment to her and to everyone involved in this process.”

The 2020 repeal bill, to be introduced in the coming days, will be Colorado’s sixth attempt in about a dozen years. Colorado May Abolish Death Penalty and just want it to move on, according to Denver Post.

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