The Poudre Fire Authority, along with other partners, has already rescued nearly 20 people this season; only two were outside of the city.

The 2021 Poudre RiverFest is happening now through the beginning of August celebrating all the wonderful things about the Poudre. Part of celebrating also means highlighting how everyone wishing to be on the water, should take care.

Whether kayaking, tubing, or rafting on the Poudre one of the most important things you can do to protect your safety, and those that may have to attempt rescuing you, is to always wear a safety vest. Also, never underestimate the power of the river, it moves fast, strong and cold. That cold water will reduce your core temperature quickly if you are not prepared.

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In this new video, produced by Poudre RiverFest, they have one woman discussing an incident where she was involved in the rescue of a tuber at the Mad Dog rapids outside of town. The man was very fortunate that she and her husband were aware of his problem and were nearby to assist; he may have not made it. He was probably out having a great day, he just wasn't properly prepared.

Also, they have a member of the Poudre Fire Authority discussing what you should do if you are onshore and see that someone is in trouble on the water. First off, you shouldn't go out to try and save them, that risks putting more people in danger.

The video concludes with what is appropriate watercraft to be taking onto the Poudre. For example, make sure you are using the right tube for tubing; you may need only a one-chamber tube at low levels, but you better be sure you have multiple chambers where the river is running higher and faster.

Thanks to all involved with this video. Much needed, great information.

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