These first cousins from Utah aren't letting the fact that they're related get in the way of their love. Angela Peange and Michael Lee are first cousins and just got married in Grand Junction.

Angela Peange says she's loved her first cousin, Michael Lee, since she was in the second grade. According to CBS News, Angela's father is the oldest of 12 kids and Micahel's mother is Angela's father's sister.

When the cousins were kids they were caught kissing by their family and then kind of kept away from each other, Angela said: "It just felt really natural." Although they did marry other people and have children, they've since reconnected.

Ever since they saw each other at their grandma's house last Christmas, they decided they were going to open about it all. Angie and Michael received mixed responses from their family, including from Angie's children. Michael is now a second cousin and stepdad to Angie's three kids and a cousin and husband to Angie.

Since they are first cousins, they weren't allowed to get married in Utah. Angie and Michael got married at a courthouse in Grand Junction on Monday, March 4.

Utah allows first cousins to get married if both are over the age of 65. The couple has started a petition to change the law in Utah. Michael stated:

We hope to spread awareness about our situation, and we hope with this awareness and education we can shift people's perspectives. It really isn't something they should be afraid or against.

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