GeometricPorn is the magnificent brainchild of visual artist Luciano Foglia. Basic shapes and positions of the mathematical principle are married with software that has the ability to transform the most painful geometry problem into something like dirty Tetris.

Apple’s decision to deny the mind-bending app takes root in its insistence that its content is excessively objectionable and crude. Foglia argues the app is a non-explicit representation of pink-in-stink and the chub quotient should be considered a pleasant by-product of erotic expression ripped from a 9th grade syllabus. It’s obscured but effective “optical art.” We have NO idea what any of that means but HECK YEAH! We want geometry porn.

Crude might be an accurate assessment but we’re going to question the label “objectionable.” Also, this marriage of dirty images and geometry makes perfect sense. We always daydreamed about porn during math class.

Check out the naughtiest video you’ll ever see involving geometric shapes.

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