I was a bit out of place this week on assignment. I'm a vegetarian.and went to visit Colorado State University's new on campus meat market at 350 W. Pitkin.

The facility is now open from noon to 6 p.m. every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with more hours on the horizon.

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The meat market known as Ram Country Meats is part of the Department of Animals Science building. Ram Country Meats previously operated out of a different space on campus but the new facility is more like a traditional market and more shopper friendly.

Despite not eating meat myself, I absolutely love what they're doing at Ram Country Meats. The operation is student-run and they are teaching equine science all in one place.

I had no idea about the extensive graduate program, or the incredible research they do on the animals themselves. Another thing that surprised me is they've been doing this research since 1959. To properly explain all the awesome things they do, I have to quote from their website.

The multidisciplinary nature of the Meat Science Program at Colorado State involves expertise in meat-animal behavior and handling; meat-animal growth and development; meat-animal carcass composition, quality, evaluation, classification and grading; meat chemistry; meat processing and restructuring; meat microbiology, preservation, and safety; nutritional aspects of meat; and extension activities to communicate to the public the relationship of meat consumption to human health, as well as safe meat-product handling and preparation.


The new facility is formally known as the JBS Global Food Innovation Center. An official grand opening celebration will come next month.

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