There are so many types of liquor it's overwhelming. People have their favorites. If you enjoy gin drinks, be cautious of this recall. Many buyers are considering themselves lucky to have a rare bottle of this Bombay Sapphire in their possession. It contains nearly two times the normal amount of alcohol. Although special, this could also lead to unintentional drunkenness and gin and tonics that don't taste as good.

The drink was supposed to be 40% alcohol by volume. Instead, due to an error during production, this batch was 77% — much stronger than any gin on the market and closer in alcoholic content to 151-proof Everclear grain alcohol, which clocks in at 75.5%.

"Other than the higher than normal alcohol content, the product is within specifications, and there have been no reported illnesses," a spokesperson for Bacardi, Bombay Sapphire's parent company, told The New York Times. "However, we do not recommend consumption of the product."



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