The incident happened almost a year ago in LoDo but the video has just now been released. The cop lost his temper, without question.

Denver 7 has the story on how in April of 2018, an off duty Denver police officer was doing security at a bar in LoDo where a fight broke out. The officer took one of the people involved in the fight downstairs, handcuffed him and put him in a chair.

The handcuffed man began to berate the cop and spit near him and then spit at him in the face. That's when the cop lost his temper. The officer's body cam captured the incident. WARNING - this IS RAW video. It's not pleasant to watch.

According to Denver 7, the officer will be undergoing anger management classes as part of a differed sentence.

Get more on the incident, and the officer from Denver 7 HERE.

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