One of the weird staples that is pretty well-known in Colorado is a festival called Frozen Dead Guy Days.

The event has a bizarre history that lives up to the name of the festival, and since its inception in 2002 had been held in Nederland, where the story behind it took place.

However, this year marked the first time that Frozen Dead Guy Days was held in its new home, the quaint mountain town of Estes Park.

What is Colorado's Frozen Dead Guy Days?

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Frozen Dead Guy Days began as an homage to a bizarre story about a resident of Nederland, Colorado, keeping the frozen corpse of his deceased grandfather on ice with an ultimate plan of creating a cryogenics lab in his home.

When news spread of this, the town of Nederland was forced to add a municipal code to the town's charter prohibiting exactly what the man was doing.

A few years later, the story spread via a Denver radio station, and Frozen Dead Guy Days was born.

What Was Estes Park Colorado's First Frozen Dead Guy Days Like?

This past year's event, and the first at its new location in Estes Park, was held on St. Patrick's Day weekend beginning on March 17th and concluding on the 19th.

One of the most notable parts of Frozen Dead Guy Days is the coffin race, which took place per usual during this year's event.

Numerous buildings were decorated, and attendees enjoyed live music, food trucks, and other shenanigans all while trying to keep warm during the frigid weekend.

Take a look at what this year's Frozen Dead Guy Days festival was like:

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For the first time ever, Colorado’s Frozen Dead Guy Days celebration was held in Estes Park instead of Nederland where it had taken place since 2002.

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