Portland, Oregon is widely known as a city on the upswing. Proof? It used to be known for a kickin’ rose festival and the Trail Blazers, now it is a craft beer haven and home of Nicole Craner, today's Rock 102.9  Babe of the Day.

Nicole Craner, 28, lives in Portland, but can be seen practically anywhere on the internet (or at least any site that features attractive women wearing next to nothing, covered in a fine mist from a spray bottle). She has been a Maxim Hometown Hottie, Playboy Intimates Finalist, Bacardi Girl and a Strikeforce Ring Card Girl.

She occasionally tweets hot pictures of herself, which is reason enough to follow Nicole Craner on Twitter. Craner also dispenses advice at the social media site:

Being a womanizer is very unattractive… Your ego is definitely not my amigo… #raiseyourstandards

To recap: Nicole Craner makes Portland cooler; is hot; likes being semi-clothed; helps you check yourself before you wreck yourself. Now that’s a Babe of the Day.

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