AC/DC lead singer Brian Johnson will marry his two main passions when he hosts the upcoming radio show ‘Brian Johnson’s Rockers and Rollers’ on BBC Radio 2. The program will run for six weeks and feature Johnson playing a wide selection of his favorite music, as well as a lot of talk about cars.

“Everyone thinks doing radio is just sitting down, you put a mic in front of you and just waffle, but it’s not that easy,” Johnson tells Britain’s Sunday Sun. “I sat in this studio with a big black mic in front of us and not an idea. Thankfully Ben Jones and Dan Cocker helped me out. I have to thank those two.”

Johnson says rock and roll and cars have always been associated. “My memory is terrible, but cars always help me remember things,” he notes. “If someone asked, ‘What’s the name of the girl you went out with when you were 19?’ you couldn’t remember, but you’d remember having a Mini Cooper. Cars started to get cool and groovy when rock and roll started – when Ike Turner brought out ‘Rocket 88,’ it was about his car, the thing he loved.” Johnson added, “The thing you wanted when you were a young man was a car because it was freedom!”

Johnson mentioned ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin and The Sensational Alex Harvey Band as some likely featured acts for the show. ‘Brian Johnson’s Rockers and Rollers’ premieres this coming Thursday at 10 p.m.

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