The music of AC/DC is finding a new audience, but these new fans aren’t learning about the Australian legends via social media or Youtube. In a strange twist, Iranian nuclear scientists are being subjected to the pyro-infused sounds of the band’s music as a result of what they believe is computer malware which has infected their machines.

While the infection doesn’t cause AC/DC guitarist Angus Young to come stomping out of their computer speakers, it has brought the next best thing in the form of their 1990 hit ‘Thunderstruck’ blaring loudly “with the volume maxed out” on several of the computers during the middle of the night.

It was a bit puzzling to the scientist who shared news of the attack, which also disabled their automation system, because as he writes, “I am [a] scientist, not a computer expert.” Scientists are known to be a bit twitchy as it is — so, while we’re certainly fans of spreading the AC/DC gospel, we’re not so keen on the idea of messing around with computers at a nuclear research facility.

Perhaps we should send a case or two of AC/DC’s wine to help calm the situation?

“Actual Footage” of AC/DC’s Computer Virus at Work

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